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Group Profile

Planet Green holdings Corp.(NYSE: PLAG), headquartered in Shanghai, is a biotechnology enterprise driven by artificial intelligence that integrates extraction, R&D, production and sales from natural plants.

At present, the Group is building a FIRST SPICE VILLAGE in China, which aims at ecological development and integrates scientific research, planting, breeding, tourism and leisure. It is located in Wufeng Village, Haiqiao Nanfeng Village, Haiyan Town, Taishan City. In order to ensure high quality and high-yielding of products, the ecological park recruits agricultural experts as technical guidance, takes spice production as the core of the industry,  committed to the cultivation and research of high value-added spices industry, and add the concept of coastal cuisine Tourism, centralize operation of the previous dispersed natural, cultural and agricultural resources, and create brightened projects to form a large-scale economy and consummate industrial chain.

The group has established a biotechnology scientific research team.   Lead by the chief researcher of Daisei Kogyo Co., Ltd. Japan,  after continuous experiments,  a sugar-reducing health care food "Kang Yuan Chang health tea" was successfully developed. Among the many large-scale scientific research projects conducted by the chief researcher are the researches on the active ingredients of anti-diabetes and anti-cancer plants. In the field of anti-diabetes, he has obtained many international and Japanese patents, two of which have been recognized by the Ministry of Economy and Industry of Japan, and published more than 20 papers in international authoritative academic journals. At present, the group will continue to use Japan's advanced technology to develop a series of new biotechnology products with the functions of lowering blood sugar, reducing uric acid, blood lipid, improving liver function, anti-cancer and so on.

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