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PLAG Planet Green Holdings Corporation, from a leader in the domestic industry to become a public listed company on the New York Stock Exchange in the United States, every step of its success is inseparable from the silent perseverance and hard work of all employees. As a leading international company in the industry, PLAG has always adhered to the development of employees as one of its corporate goals. We firmly believe that having a united and diversified corporate team is the foundation of sustainable development. Join our diversified team, you can create and work hard with talents of different backgrounds, to develop and grow together with the company!


Job description​: The corporate publicity department is responsible for maintaining and promoting  the image  of the company. It needs to operate and maintain  official accounts, communicate with relevant personnels in charge, and plan publicity activities.  Through planning,  demonstration, and communication to promote work. The candidate shall also  be committed  to improve the company’s value in investors, increase the company’s brand value,  communicate effectively, and disseminate company values. We are interested in recruiting talents with good communication skills, proficient use  of office softwares, solid language skills, and relevant financial background. Relevant working background or academic background is preferred.

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