Social responsibility

Panel 1: Work together to defeat the epidemic!
An “invisible war” swept across the country at the beginning of 2020. The new coronavirus infection epidemic draws great attention from the people of the all nation. At present, medical staff from Wuhan, Xianning, across the country, and all sectors of societies are striving to win this battle to prevent and control the epidemic. In order to fight the epidemic, the senior management team of Planet Green Holdings Corporation Xianning Bozhuang Tea Co., Ltd., made a high-level decision on January 29 to make an emergency donation of 1 million yuan to the Xian’an District Charity Association of Xianning City for the prevention and control of the epidemic diligently. Mr. Zhou Bin, the Chairman, and Mr. Cui Daqi, the Chief Operating Officer expressed: “We are all Chinese, we are all from Xianning, and Xianning is our home. We will fully support the epidemic prevention work and wish the Chinese people win an early victory of
preventing and controlling the epidemic war.” For more details: Link newspaper

Panel 2: Devoting to public welfare and fulfilling social responsibility
As a leading company in the industry, PLAG will take social responsibilities as the core mission and values of the company, contributing to the accumulation and stability of social wealth. Moreover, PLAG will regard participating in public welfare and increasing employment investment to support the disabled as company’s obligation.
We have launched the employment project for the disabled in the hope to create
enough employment opportunities for them. By providing flexible working schedules and increased hourly rate, PLAG promotes their self-confidence, reduces their life pressure, and helps solve society’s social burdens;PLAG helps them enhance their sense of
social identities and better integrate into the society. PLAG gives back to society with actions and sincerities, showing the respect for the community, mankind, and the environments. PLAG will continue to practice the power of public welfare under corporate social responsibility, for helping the disabled and for expanding the space for
the company’s continuing growth. We will continue working hard to realize the envisioned social values. The bright future is right in front of us!