Corporation Values

We firmly believe that the corporate culture and consistent corporate values will allow us to stick to the corporate culture and maintain consistent cohesion no matter what stage we are in.

Integrity: The company has always been adhering to the concept of sincerity to cultivate morality and honesty to establish itself in the market. Be strict and trustworthy as the company’s moral codes that will never change.

Pragmatic: The corporate team has steadily made progress on various projects, and has always practiced the corporate policies of speaking truthfully, doing things truthfully, and pay attention to the effective results; and step by step to build The Great Wall of our enterprise.

Innovation: Implement and establish the concept of innovative development to create long-term quality products and services. This is the key to keep the enterprises stay sharp on top of the industry.

Executive Team

Bin Zhou
Chairman & CEO
Daqi Cui
Lily Hu
Huiying Jin
General Manager of the Tea Group
Hanxin Jin
Deputy Manager of the Tea Group
Yong Yang
Chief Technology Director
Yiming Qian
Deputy Technology Director

Company Culture

1. Diversified corporate team – As a leading multinational company, we always believe that teamwork and diversified development are the foundation of long-term sustainment. Embracing and understanding multiculturalism to create a workplace that seeks common ground while reserving differences is also one of the corporate social responsibilities. The unique corporate structure also attracts talents from all over the world.

2. Continuous innovation and progress – Planet Green Holdings Corporate is always advancing on the road of innovation and progress, and is committed to the continuous development of green technology and the exploration of new technology. Using modern technology to catch industry opportunities is the driving force that guides our continuous progress!

3. Focus on cultivating professional talents – We focus on the career development of each employee in each department, and provide each employee with work and opportunities to realize self-worth in a respectful and equal working environment. Not only hope that employees can contribute values to the the team, but also hope that they will grow into industry’s elites in the future.

4. A unique culture that emphasizes learning – the continuous vigorous development of an enterprise cannot be separated from the continuous learning and progress of employees and management. We firmly believe that knowledge and innovation will inevitably bring continuous development momentum to the enterprise and employees. The emphasis on knowledge exploration is a unique and excellent corporate culture.

Company Profile

Planet Green Holdings Corporation (NYSE:PLAG) was founded in July 1994 and is headquartered in Maryland, USA. It is a modern technology enterprise with holdings in a variety of markets. Under the banner, Bozhuang Tea IndustryCo., located in Xianning, Hubei province,China,which is the sources of“Ten Thousand Miles Tea Road”in the world. The company currently holds the products “Shengrongchuan” and “Bozhuangchuan”. Among them, “Shengrongchuan” first came to the market in Baidun (now Guihua Town), Xianning, Hubei in 1590. Since then, “Shengrongchuan” blue brick tea has been sold continuously to Eurasian countries along the “Ten Thousand Miles Tea Road”. A tea legend.Currently, the US Planet Green Holdings Corporation is using advanced Japanese technology to develop a series of new biotech products with the functions of lowering blood sugar, lowering uric acid, blood fat, improving liver function, and anti-cancer. The group has an In-House developed SAAS version of the programmatic buying platform (Demand Side Platform), which uses industry-leading AI algorithm technology to establish a complete audience analysis model, and uses big data analysis to precisely predict the audience and click-through rate, to make advertising Content and information are more appropriately and accurately placed and marketed. Our platform is Canada’s first DSP overseas enterprise full-service operation docking with the Chinese market, which not only can provide overseas companies with convenient and efficient advertising analysis services, but also can be an important link to connect the Chinese and American market.

Planet Green Holdings Corporation officially listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 2009. From China to the United States, from developing tea gardens focusing on high-tech processed organic tea products to seizing the opportunity to enter the advertising platform market, Planet Green continues to grow.

China is the hometown of tea. Tea culture condenses the natural essence of Chinese tradition. Tea culture is a treasure of the nation, and it is also an opportunity for the rapid development of PLAG. In recent years, the group has been working on deepening the development of the tea industry using state-of-the-art biotechnologies while entering into the information systems technology space to broaden its business boundaries. Artificial intelligence and big data algorithms have redefined the advertising technology of the new era. By merging the tradition of the tea culture business and technologies, PLAG marches toward a new milestone of internationalization and modernization!

Business Scope

The Tea Company is located in Xianning, Hubei, one of the sources of the world’s “Ten Thousands Miles of Tea Road”. In order to ensure high-quality and high-yield products, the company has built a core demonstration tea garden of 200 mu., a
joint-venture tea garden of more than ten thousands mu (Chinese acres). It has the industry’s first-class technical team and has long-term cooperation with many domestic research institutes and professional groups. While inheriting history, it is constantly expanding on innovations. All to strive to create a perfect fusion of traditions and modernizations.
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