American Lorain Corporation to Commence Product Sales in Family-Mart Japan


JUNAN COUNTY, ChinaNov. 27, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — American Lorain Corporation (NYSE MKT: ALN) (“American Lorain” or the “Company”), an international processed snack foods, convenience foods, and frozen foods company based in the Shandong ProvinceChina, today announced that its products will commence test sale in Family-Mart Japan in December, 2013.

Family-Mart is the 3rd largest convenience store chain in Japan and owns over 9,000 terminal stores in domestic Japan. American Lorain will be test selling its Lorain branded chestnut snack packs through its Japanese distributor in approximately 8,000 Family-Mart stores in Japancommencing December 10, 2013. American Lorain have also been negotiating cooperation with other store chain operators with similar size.

Mr. Si Chen, Chairman and CEO of American Lorain, commented: “The product sales in Family-Mart store chain marks a significant move of our market penetration in JapanJapan has the strictest food quality standards around the world and having our products selling in a leading Japanese store chain is a strong evidence for our ability to provide quality and delicious food products. I look forward to a positive feedback of the test sale.”

About American Lorain Corporation

American Lorain Corporation's products include chestnut products, convenience food products and frozen food products. The Company sells its products to most provinces in domestic China as well as numerous export markets in Asia and Europe. The Company operates through its five direct and indirect subsidiaries and one leased factory located in China. For further information about American Lorain Corporation, please visit the Company's website at

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