American Lorain Corporation Prepares for Summer Sales with 'Open Bottom' Frozen Chestnut Promotion at Lorain(R)-Branded Counters in Beijing and Chongqing


JUNAN COUNTY, ChinaMay 3 /PRNewswire-Asia-FirstCall/ –American Lorain Corporation(NYSEAmex: ALN) (“American Lorain” or the “Company”), an international processed snack foods and convenience foods manufacturer based in Shandong ProvinceChina, today announced that it began promoting open bottom frozen chestnuts at Lorain®-branded retail food counters in 40 locations in Beijing and Chongqing.

American Lorain Corporation maintains a network of approximately 5,000 locations where consumers can purchase Lorain® foods.  Part of this network includes 200 Lorain®-branded “counters” which sell Lorain® roasted chestnuts directly to consumers.   American Lorain also uses its counters to market and promote new products to its customers while driving more consumer traffic and revenues.  Adding to the roasted chestnut counters, American Lorain recently installed 40 Lorain® counters with equipment to prepare, display, and sell “open bottom” frozen chestnuts in ready-to-eat packaging to shoppers.  Lorain's target markets for this campaign are initially Beijing and Chongqing.  The Company anticipates this new product initiative will achieve monthly sales of about $4,500 per counter, an increase by 20% per counter versus prior year.

While sales of roasted chestnuts are seasonal and thus more popular in cold weather months, sales of frozen chestnuts are especially popular in the Summer and in cities throughout China.  American Lorain expects to have 70 counters selling frozen open bottom chestnuts by the end of May in Beijing and Chongqing before expanding the program to other cities. The 70 counters are forecasted to generate $300,000 sales per month, or $3.6 million per year for the 70 counters.  American Lorain is promoting its counter sales model throughout China and is preparing to expand its counter sales in Japan, Korea and South East Asia.

“As the leading marketer of chestnuts in China, we are very excited on our new counters of frozen open-bottom chestnuts for our customers to enjoy in the warm summer months,” said Mr. Si Chen, Chairman and CEO of American Lorain.  “This promotional idea was just one of many that were commercialized to drive sales and brand-equity in our products.  The ancillary benefit of this program is our ability to increase revenues during the non-traditional months of chestnut consumption, while leveraging the fixed costs and strong foot traffic of our counters.  We are constantly looking for new approaches to grow sales of our core product line and will leverage our extensive distribution and retail network to cost-effectively launch new products.  We are confident that our frozen open-bottom chestnut program will be a success during the summer months and become a measurable component of our chestnut revenue segment going forward,” concluded Chairman Chen.

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