American Lorain Introduces Long-Shelf Life 'Cold-Dish' Product Line to Chinese Market


JUNAN COUNTY, ChinaJan. 28 /PRNewswire-Asia-FirstCall/ — American Lorain Corporation(NYSEAmex: ALN) (“American Lorain” or the “Company”), an international processed snack foods, convenience foods, fresh and frozen food company based in the Shandong Province, today announced that it has launched an upgraded “cold-dish” product line with extended shelf life for food retail counters.

“Cold dishes” are a category of Lorain's ready-to-eat product line which includes tofu, vegetable salads, and kimchi, amongst other such products. American Lorain launched its cold-dish product line in 2009 under which it manufactures more than 10 varieties of cold-dish meals branded with Lorain(R). According to a survey done by The Chinese Nutrition Society in 2009, cold-dish foods were selected nearly two to one over more traditional stir fry foods. Approximately 6.1% of participants in the study chose cold dishes, while only 3.3% chose stir-fry.

Due to cold-dish's naturally short shelf life and consumer preference for fresh foods, cold-dish manufacturers are almost entirely domestic and normally located in close proximity to their markets. From its extensive experience in the convenience and ready-to-eat food market segments in China, American Lorain (“ALN”) has introduced to the market a new range of cold-dish products using nitrogen technology that extends the shelf-life to 20 days, from its previous interval of 5 days. Based on its market feedback and independent surveying, the Company also believes that consumers detect no difference in taste between Lorain's new 20-day shelf life products. The extended shelf life of the products also enables American Lorain to transport its goods to a wider distribution radius.

To help advertise its new cold-dish products, the company hired a well-known Taiwanese movie star, Alec Su, to be the spokesperson for a nationwide television advertising campaign of its cold-dish products. The Company has also engaged a leading marketing company to redesign the product packaging. The Company is now actively placing its Lorain(R) branded cold-dish products on counters in the Company's extensive supermarket and food retail network throughout China. American Lorain plans to expand its retail footprint to 1200 branded cold dish counters in China in 2010, a 6 times increase in retail locations based on its current 170 in-store counters in Guangdongand Shandong areas. Preliminary sales estimates of the new products are expected to be $14.7 million in 2010.

“We are very excited about the market opportunities for our new cold-dish product segment,” began Chairman and CEO of American Lorain, Mr. Si Chen. “We have identified the convenience and ready-to-eat food markets in China as our fastest growing segment and have built a product development, marketing and sales strategy around this category. Food safety and freshness are top priorities for our customer base and their consumers. The expertise we have garnered in nitrogen techniques deployed in our fresh and frozen foods segment have allowed us to develop methods to extend shelf-life of cold-dishes, the primary factor that limits the distance cold-dishes can be distributed”, Chen concluded.

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