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Company Profile

Planet Green Holdings Corporation (NYSE: PLAG) has a long and rich history. From its establishment in 1994 (need verification) to its first listing on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in 2009, Planet Green continues to nurture its business with corporate principles of honesty, integrity, and innovation. These principles not only lay a strong foundation for our corporate development and growth, but also help to unify and lead our many subsidiary companies in different parts of the world. Planet Green continues to leverage and explore advanced technology to improve and expand our family of holdings. Our intellectual curiosity is represented in each of our companies and is the thread that runs through the entire Planet Green culture.

Two of our foundational holdings represent the Planet Green commitment to markets at seemingly opposite ends of the spectrum – tea and software – but reflect our deep commitment to marrying tradition with high technology. Our tea production uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) as the major resource to modernize and unify all aspects of product development: plant extractions, research, development, production, and sales, while our Demand-Side Platform (DSP) represents years of proprietary software product development with deep roots in computer science theories brought to market.

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